Currently the following FSV events are arranged.

Please E-mail us via the email address above for more information,
         or just turn up and have a chat with us.

We usually meet outside
the Cafe in East Brighton Park, at 10:30 a.m.

(Click on ** to the right of event to see more details)

Sat 28th Jan

Crescent Cleanup (near camping area)


Sat 25th Feb

Tidy up lower copse ready for picnic table


Tues 7th Mar
7:30 pm

Annual General Meeting ( AGM )


Sat 25th Mar

Build bench in park/ erect noticeboards (TBA)


Sat 22nd April
7:00 am

“Earlybird” Walk, followed by dewpond dipping


Sat 20th May

Tidy up the Dew Pond


Sat  17th June

Step repairs and Bench Build


Sat 15th July

Extra workday - cancelled!


Sat 15th July

Butterfly Walk Great for kids


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