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Calendar - diary of events

LATEST NEWS Sheep have been grazing again in Sheepcote Valley from October 2016 for a few months.  (see details of the 2007 visit - sorry no more recent details recorded!)

CURRENTLY! Some permanent fencing has been installed aroung the “wild” part of the valley. This makes it easier and safer to graze using sheep. Grazing areas are still in partial “blocks”, but covering some of the areas not previously grazed.

Hedgelaying - we completed laying the hedge that runs alongside Wilson Avenue quite some years back, and a lot of diverse groups helped us. We have had very encouraging feedback from recognised experts, and locals. Recently it became obvious that it had “outgrown” our efforts, so we have had a bit of mechanical help in the shape of a tractor with a “flail” arm. For a time it will look a bit “hacked off”, but nature will soon soften it - watch this space!

Butterflies - a butterfly friendly area has been created just to the south of the all weather pitches. Reportedly this has woorked well, and similar areas have been created on other sites in Brighton.

 Dew Pond - we got help with rebuilding the dew pond - and had fingers crossed that this would give us some interesting “wetland” habitat - some new visitors were soon spotted, and water levels seem improved. Recent “dippings” have found scary inhabitants!

”Recent” Events - things you have “just” missed

Past Events - other things you missed!

Sheep in the Snow - a few nice pictures!


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