Walking in and around the valley   (VIEW MAP)

There is a network of informal paths and a bridleway. Use the valley as a gateway to go further afield to Ovingdean or Rottingdean, or even to Lewes along the South Downs Way. [OS Explorer 122 map]
The Ridgewalk ­ Takes you up the middle of the valley, and back along the high ridge (red path and blue bridleway) ­ allow about 45 mins to 1 hour. Marvellous views! Start with your back to the café in the park and turn left (east) heading for the trees. Just before the steps ahead of you, turn left again along a path beside sports pitches. This opens out into the wider valley. Continue north towards a row of white houses on the hill top. At the top, turn to face the sea, this time taking the bridleway that runs to the left (east) of the woodchip gallops down to the Golf Club car park. Take the sliproad down to the road and back to the park. Or, if you are steady on your feet, use one of the informal paths to go down the steep slope back to the start.
Wick Bottom ­ (1 hour 20 mins) Walk to the top of the hill, as above. Go into the car park and, with your back to the sea, turn right, over the low barrier and down the wide track. At the bottom of the hill go up a short incline, turn sharp right then almost immediately take the right hand fork. Go up the chalky path and cross the Golf Course at the top, joining the ridgeway bridleway and return to the park, as before.

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