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Sat 22nd April
7:00 am

“Earlybird” Walk, followed by dewpond dipping

Meet outside the Cafe in East Brighton Park, at 7:00 a.m.

There is a lot of wild life in Sheepcote Valley, including a variety of birds. they disappear during our bird walk ( a joke, we hope! ).
Quite a lot of birds have Sheepcote Valley on the itinerary during migration, so we may see some of these. Some are resident, and some are rare, and may just happen to visit. This explains why you will sometimes see an influx of people with binoculars or telescopes, when word gets around that a visitor has been seen.
We have an expert who joins us to point out, or “hear out” and identify “who is who”. Bring your binoculars, and warm clothing - you may need to stand around and wait for birds to settle.
If time permits we will end up at the dewpond and check what is lurking in the deeps!

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